Calculating the importance of 666. A printable word list with table.


In order to retrace my steps, showing where my interest in researching biblical number codes first began, I would like to post this printable page of info about the most widely known number concept in the Bible, that of 666. When I first read Rev. 13 as a maturing Christian, I really could not understand why study groups within churches didn't embrace the admonishment to "calculate the number". I took it to heart when I came across a book in 1983 (and I can't remember the title yet) that explained how and perhaps why the word "computer" added up to 666. It was from that point that I began spending a great deal of time collecting a very long list of words, some of which greatly affected my attitude towards them forever. I tried to be as objective as possible by giving time to the calculating of somewhat insignificant words as well, which often seemed to have a story of their own in spite of that (the full list that I collected is on it's own page). I will leave the reader to their own conclusions and reactions, but do give it some thought, because frankly it is beyond coincidence that many of these words have a distinct reference to the way we operate in this world.

Though I have found very few people actually interested in examining the word list for any useful understanding, (that the scriptural passage definitely speaks of), I post it here so that perhaps beyond my own circle of acquaintances some will find it more than a curiousity. If you would like to add more, please do so in the comments. Click on the picture to enlarge the page and by all means print it out and share it. I have come to understand that this number code reveals a geometrical principle as well, that of 2/3rds ( .666...) and have included a bit of writing about that too.

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