Arc of the Covenant in space

arc+of +the+covenant
This image represents a view of the angular interior geometry of the Arc. You will notice that I prefer to spell "Ark" -box, as "Arc"-geometry, which is a poetic link to all things measured in curvature (consider the covenant of the rainbow arc...), and by nature has a source origin of an x, y, z axis. Therefore "box" & "geometry" are appropriate and perhaps interchangeable. By using a wire-frame, transparent view of the interior proportion, the precise measurement angles can be visualized, and I believe will prove ultimately to have a correspondence in the heavens and upon the earth in a profoundly simple and magnificent way. Though the latent potential of correspondences is only alluded to in an image such as this, it would seem that by definition we may only now have capabilities to utilize the wisdom of this Divine template. ("latent- lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation"). In what can only be described as guidance from the Grace of God, I have been led to document the unique and utterly elegant mathematical models dispersed throughout many Biblical stories, lineage records, time equations, etc. over the past 2 decades. Often frustrated by how to portray visually what has piled up as math data, I have wondered how the information will ever take form. Wrestling with ideas of how to create a sequential story line to accompany the "language" of the math, without having had much experience with writing, has led to the rich experience of composing computer generated graphic images. Ultimately, God may be moving me through the various components of data, image, & text putting this project together in a way only He knows how it will really take form. I have often joked that the world may come to an end before I ever get it all in a sharable format! But, I trust this is not true, and there is a contribution to the Kingdom that is in my lifetime to make.

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