YHVH -"Yahveh", (or YHWH -"Yahweh")

This design illustrates the 4 Hebrew letters that comprise The Personal/Revealed Name of YHVH -"Yahveh" or "Yahweh", The LORD of Israel. His Name is praised and referred to over 6,800 times throughout the Scriptures we refer to as the "Old Testament" (the Jewish "Tanak" ~ (Torah, Prophets, & Writings). In most English Bibles ~ "The Lord" ~ is the familiar and accepted transliteration. Though a term of honor and a familiar declaration of authority, it obscures His Personal and Eternal Name.

A printable, hi res (300dpi), full page version of this artwork portraying The Name of YHVH can be copied & printed from Sacred Hand Publishing. Be blessed to remember and call upon His Name!!!

Sacred Hand Publishing is the web site of Karen Jacks ~ Designer, Illustrator, & Writer. Presenting materials which explore the visual and mathematical beauty of the Sacred Geometry found in the Old Testament.

Psalms 145:13 "Let them praise the Name of YHVH, for His Name alone is exalted; His majesty is above earth and heaven."


Patriarch Lineage Table

Bible Genealogyadam+genealogy©Karen Jacks 2009.   Available for download on Lulu e-publishing

Most lineage charts assume an inconsequential value to the peculiar age details of the genealogy of Adam.  Numerical analysis of Scripture continues to reveal substructures in the Text, illuminated by tools only recently available to enhance this research.  Are we perhaps overlooking a unique "master blueprint" pertaining to creation and the sciences?  I consider this body of Bible Genealogy from Genesis to be "a National Treasure".  Let us reverently open The King's Treasury!

The Patriarch Lineage Table provides a clean, organized format to study the exceptionally long life spans of the Biblical patriarchs, from Adam to Joseph. The hidden framework revealed by the inferred "place holding values" chronicled by births, deaths, and key events in Genesis, set a stage for careful examination of Calendar cycles/patterns, and numerical codings.   Consideration can be given to: Sarah, the only woman whose lineage is recorded in the Bible.   Is Sarah's inclusion amongst the Patriarchs, and her "place holding values", a lunation timepiece?  Abraham, born in the Hebrew year 1948, foreshadowing 1948 AD when Israel became a State.  Are the End Time "days of Noah" coded to the mathematics of his genealogy?

Included are: 3 formats (a 1 page overview, a 2 page layout for study and notation,  2 close-up versions), an unusual 1874 lineage chart, and a brief discussion of possible relevancy. 11 pgs. $3.75

Judah, Dan, and the dodecahedron

Are important numerical “maps” described in the Bible; specifically in the Census figures of the Tribes of Israel, given in the book of Numbers? What type of compressed or encoded geometrical information is preserved in the linear story line?

Accompanied by charts and mathematical reference tables, The Geometry of the Tribes of Israel presents an overview of the significant correspondence of the angular units of the Tribal Wheel and the Dodecahedron. The Census of the 12 Tribes of Israel, reveals a world where math & religion do not assume separate positions.


Sacred Geometry & Divine Proportions

This is the first of several images that I am creating to portray elements of Biblical mathematics.

It incorporates the geometry of the Arc of the Covenant, the angular allotment of the Tribes of Israel (within which the Tribe of Judah holds a unique mathematical placement), and the cubic atomic structure of a salt molecule. It is by & through the Grace of God that I am proceeding to bring visual focus to the mathematics that I have studied for over 20 years.


Rejoicing in the gift of Jesus Christ, our King!

May the New Year bring you more fully into the Grace of God.


Arc of the Covenant in space

arc+of +the+covenant
This image represents a view of the angular interior geometry of the Arc. You will notice that I prefer to spell "Ark" -box, as "Arc"-geometry, which is a poetic link to all things measured in curvature (consider the covenant of the rainbow arc...), and by nature has a source origin of an x, y, z axis. Therefore "box" & "geometry" are appropriate and perhaps interchangeable. By using a wire-frame, transparent view of the interior proportion, the precise measurement angles can be visualized, and I believe will prove ultimately to have a correspondence in the heavens and upon the earth in a profoundly simple and magnificent way. Though the latent potential of correspondences is only alluded to in an image such as this, it would seem that by definition we may only now have capabilities to utilize the wisdom of this Divine template. ("latent- lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation"). In what can only be described as guidance from the Grace of God, I have been led to document the unique and utterly elegant mathematical models dispersed throughout many Biblical stories, lineage records, time equations, etc. over the past 2 decades. Often frustrated by how to portray visually what has piled up as math data, I have wondered how the information will ever take form. Wrestling with ideas of how to create a sequential story line to accompany the "language" of the math, without having had much experience with writing, has led to the rich experience of composing computer generated graphic images. Ultimately, God may be moving me through the various components of data, image, & text putting this project together in a way only He knows how it will really take form. I have often joked that the world may come to an end before I ever get it all in a sharable format! But, I trust this is not true, and there is a contribution to the Kingdom that is in my lifetime to make.

Calculating the importance of 666. A printable word list with table.


In order to retrace my steps, showing where my interest in researching biblical number codes first began, I would like to post this printable page of info about the most widely known number concept in the Bible, that of 666. When I first read Rev. 13 as a maturing Christian, I really could not understand why study groups within churches didn't embrace the admonishment to "calculate the number". I took it to heart when I came across a book in 1983 (and I can't remember the title yet) that explained how and perhaps why the word "computer" added up to 666. It was from that point that I began spending a great deal of time collecting a very long list of words, some of which greatly affected my attitude towards them forever. I tried to be as objective as possible by giving time to the calculating of somewhat insignificant words as well, which often seemed to have a story of their own in spite of that (the full list that I collected is on it's own page). I will leave the reader to their own conclusions and reactions, but do give it some thought, because frankly it is beyond coincidence that many of these words have a distinct reference to the way we operate in this world.

Though I have found very few people actually interested in examining the word list for any useful understanding, (that the scriptural passage definitely speaks of), I post it here so that perhaps beyond my own circle of acquaintances some will find it more than a curiousity. If you would like to add more, please do so in the comments. Click on the picture to enlarge the page and by all means print it out and share it. I have come to understand that this number code reveals a geometrical principle as well, that of 2/3rds ( .666...) and have included a bit of writing about that too.

666 extensive printable word list & the importance of "words"

About the importance of "words"

Why look to English word values for any link to scripture you might ask?

In any culture, using any language, we live and move in the field of that structure and...God is there. That English reveals enough information for us to identify the "mark of the Beast" is no more surprising than knowing it is true for German, Swahili, or Cherokee.

"In the beginning was the Word ( Gk.-"Logos") and the Word was with God and the Word was God" (John 1:1)

But to give a bit of background, and point out why "words" reveal more than their definition, here is how it pertains to the Bible. Number values were assigned to the ancient Hebrew alphabet so far back in time as to be untraceable. The Greek language has it's own coding as well. The study of the numerical value of a word or phrase is called "Gematria" in Hebrew and though it gained visibility as tool in the tradition called "Kabbalah", the truth of the "vibrational imprint" has been situated in the text all along. For those who can digest this concept, the words held their sacred pattern in not only the oral tradition (before they were physically recorded), but more importantly came/come from the Mind of God, the Creator, and exist as a vibrational blueprint (to be received by us) from The Source of Life. What is recorded is far more than myth, and many of the most prominent scientists and mathematicians in recorded history have cherished the record of wisdom we refer to as the Bible. There is an organizing principle and sequence that appears to inform and define all life here. That Kepler, Newton, Pascal, Einstein, and such, knew the Grace of God is certainly inspiring to me! Newton spent much of his life immersed in research of the scriptures, seeking out the complexity hidden from the casual reading of it's text.

As we learn more about subtle energy fields through the sciences, it becomes increasingly clear that everything is energy/vibration, especially our thoughts which display various patterns such as: resonance/receptivity, repetitive sequences that are destructive/habitual, and even patterns of dissonance that repel clear alignment with the very truths we aspire to be in harmony with.
Jesus taught on the importance of the thoughts we hold as the basis from which all energy takes action & form, EVEN as they remain hidden within us. It's a mind blowing responsibility and the essence of Christ Consciousness, which is the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Though it definitely increases wisdom and understanding to study the blueprint/pattern of the scriptures in the original Hebrew and Greek, (and at the VERY LEAST to study and cherish it in your available language) the prophecy will be fulfilled that...

"And it shall be in the last days, says God, I will pour forth of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: even on my male and female servants, in those days will I pour forth of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.
And I will show wonders in the heaven above, and signs on the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke: the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the day of the Lord comes, that great and notable day: And it shall be, that whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved." Acts 2:17- 21, Joel 2:28-29

But don't wait idly for this dispensation! Please give time to the reading of the Bible so that you are informed & open to the wisdom & resonance of the Word. Question what you hear, and look it up!

In summary, my understanding of what the list of 666 words reveals, (and true in many other ways), is a distinct call to attention that we "usually" operate out of the needs and drives of our small, ego driven, I-did-it-myself, perspective. Unless we reach fully to God, (who infuses the equation with His perfect wholeness) we will not receive the blessing of Grace that we should rely on to make this journey through life. We might get a "migraine headache", put "Santa Claus" ahead of Jesus, and strive for "significant" "perfection" in our own "strength". And yes, I admit... I have no clear idea what implication some of the words may have. I'm simply putting it forward, because in my heart and soul I know to pay attention to the "signs and seasons".

The letters "F, O, X" are the the 6th, 15th, & 24th in the English alphabet and in standard numerology practices 15 & 24 reduce to 6 (1+5 and 2+4). Thus these 3 letters in the alphabet hold the place value of the 6's.

"OXOXOX" (hugs & kisses) also holds this pattern. Be aware that these things slip into usage because someone introduces them, possibly with devious (or not) intentions. I certainly believe that the "bar code" was no accident.

In regards to the very medium we are reading this on, (the "computer"- 666), here is a bit of news flashback...
"TIME's Man of the Year for 1982, the greatest influence for good or evil, is not a man at all. It is a machine: the computer".

The number 666 has another remarkable property in mathematics. 666 is the sum of all the numbers which make up the square of 6. The square of 6 is 36 (6 x 6 = 36); and the sum the numbers 1 to 36 = 666. (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10...etc...+36 = 666.)


Don't despair. I will move on to other number information, but first it is important to identify a few important issues, such as bar codes.

So, as I write this I am aware that any one who is queezy, or in denial of what truths are to be known in the scriptures, will have turned away at this point from any writing about 666. I am not writing to the faint of heart, but I do not want to leave any one uninformed who might be new to this information, or whose lives might be changed forever for looking into these subjects. So please "Google" 666 bar code, for more information about this subject as well. In fact if you use "image search" you will see the large variety of other people trying to share the facts about this and therefore I will not spend any more time explaining it. Click here for a link to Bar Code overview.