Patriarch Lineage Table

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Most lineage charts assume an inconsequential value to the peculiar age details of the genealogy of Adam.  Numerical analysis of Scripture continues to reveal substructures in the Text, illuminated by tools only recently available to enhance this research.  Are we perhaps overlooking a unique "master blueprint" pertaining to creation and the sciences?  I consider this body of Bible Genealogy from Genesis to be "a National Treasure".  Let us reverently open The King's Treasury!

The Patriarch Lineage Table provides a clean, organized format to study the exceptionally long life spans of the Biblical patriarchs, from Adam to Joseph. The hidden framework revealed by the inferred "place holding values" chronicled by births, deaths, and key events in Genesis, set a stage for careful examination of Calendar cycles/patterns, and numerical codings.   Consideration can be given to: Sarah, the only woman whose lineage is recorded in the Bible.   Is Sarah's inclusion amongst the Patriarchs, and her "place holding values", a lunation timepiece?  Abraham, born in the Hebrew year 1948, foreshadowing 1948 AD when Israel became a State.  Are the End Time "days of Noah" coded to the mathematics of his genealogy?

Included are: 3 formats (a 1 page overview, a 2 page layout for study and notation,  2 close-up versions), an unusual 1874 lineage chart, and a brief discussion of possible relevancy. 11 pgs. $3.75

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